Saturday, February 15, 2014

This is that moment!

You can feel it building, that pressure that feels like everything around you if pushing on you..trying to crush you. You push it aside, you ignore it, you even make excuses for it.. and then the day comes where ignoring it just isn't possible.. Something has to change!

I love my life overall, I especially love the people in it. I wouldn't change them for anything in the world. In fact the drastic change I'm working on is for them. I want to see them smile more and laugh with ease. I love them.

The change I'm making is self employment. I'm not here to talk about the company so no, this isn't an informercial. This change comes from hunger. I'm hungry for less. I want less stress, less bills, less endless hunting for jobs I don't even want. Yes I'm aware that I will work tireless hours and become well versed in rejection. News flash: I do that now! I work as a mom, homemaker, jack of all trades, full time student and wife all day long..easily 18 hrs on my feed wearing a million hats. I love those hats but they don't get us any farther to our dream of less. I'm halfway through my Masters and still somehow I don't have what it takes to earn a standard paycheck. (It still baffles me) My husband with fantastic credentials and experience breaks his back in a thankless job that pays the bills and I'm endlessly grateful. He's the catalyst for this change. :)  He believes in me and my ability to take this leap of faith and turn it into greatness.

This won't be just a second income. It will be a key to freedom from the traditional job world! It will work, it has to work and I will make it work!

I'm tired of waiting on others to see my help me up the ladder, give me a change... I'm taking my chance. Snatching it from the depths of the "someday you'll be good enough in societies eyes to deserve it" bucket and running!

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"- Ghadi

Make today your day! Make the change happen! Suck up some pride, give up those things you know you don't truly need (you know the ones) and believe in yourself enough to say "I want this bad enough to give everything I have for it". You give everything for everyone else..why isn't it your turn?