Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring cleaning for the brave

Okay so if you looked around my house (the most used areas) you'd see that we're pretty minimal. We like it that way..less to clutter the mind,stress you out and to clean. Let's face it..less to clean is fantastic! Anyways we decided that this week we'd go through the worst parts of our house..oh man! I'm so ashamed! We used the simple "one year rule".. if we're not going to use it in the next year or won't miss it if we don't see it in a goes. :)

As I said before, we like minimal, clean.. the living room is great example..

However..every house has its dirty little secret and ours was the so-called office..basically the room where things went to die.. after awhile we just gave up on that room, although I can't remember why and it turned into this..
yes, that's as far as I could open the door

It took awhile but we managed to find the floor and recreate a vital part of our life..Behold! The office!
This is the exact same space!

There are bits and pieces that still need work but it's fully functioning and has been dearly missed. Oh and the pile from above..what wasn't recycled become donated and very few things went to the landfill. I realize everyone has there own method of decluttering but this was simple and worked best for us. One day of hard work is now going to make a difference in our lives for years to come. Here's where we work, study and manage the peace and with organization.

If like most of us you're having trouble getting started and just don't know what you should keep..try this. I found it on Pinterest and thought it was fitting. You'll be amazed and what you really treasure, really need.