Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The 911 Binder *Do this Today!*

If you can't tell I love binders. Honestly though I truly believe that every household needs this binder now. Why? Because it could save you heartaches, headaches and stress. I'm not the inventor of this idea (I couldn't tell you who is) but as usual I tweaked it. Please note, my camera hates me today so the pics are blurry but I promise, you'll get the idea.

So what's in this binder..everything vital!

The first part of this binder uses old baseball car holders (office store) and it holds credit cards, store cards and Social Security cards. This way those cards aren't in your wallet so you aren't racking them up,they aren't taking up space but most importantly they're all safely tucked away and accounted for.

Behind those pages I used cheap page protectors to hold vital records for the members of the house. This includes birth certificates and message licenses. Now within the first few pages you have all the info to prove your identity if needed.

Next I used old divider folders. The next category is "Legal". Yep, this is where you put your will, power of attorney, divorce papers..things of that nature. Again each thing is placed in a sheet protector.

Next comes "House". This is where deeds and anything house related copies of your insurance policy or any warranty info. Again each thing is placed in a sheet protector.

Lastly is the "Personal" section. There's the part where you keep a list of any former addresses, a list of important phone numbers/addresses and a copy of your resume. This section sounds silly until you have to fill out a resume or anything that asks for years of info that you struggle to remember.

So why do you do this? Well for me it made perfect sense. Not only can I find all my most important pieces of info in seconds BUT in case of an emergency the person who needs it most can find it too. This is certainly something you would keep in a safe or in hiding.  Now, if an emergency struck you can find all emergency paperwork you would ever need in case of identity theft, fire or when you or your loved one passes. If something happened to you and you needed to tell the guardian of your kids where to find the legal documents that cover them, ID for the kids and info for their doctors, get the would only have to give them one location. What a relief it would be for all involved to go, get the binder and be able to breathe easier and take care of the problem at hand. Even something as simple as filling out paperwork becomes a breeze when everything you need is all in one place. This is honestly the best thing I've ever put together.

When I put mine together I didn't have a real two key rings took its place :)