Friday, January 31, 2014

No more pink socks and shrunken sweaters..

Let's face it, unless your socks are supposed to be pink no one likes washer drama. To say my old washer was horrid is an understatement. It tore my brand new master comforter in pieces and then flooded the floor..killing the dryer too! So this past spring we invested in a new set. I'm in love with them! Okay, I'm actually in love with all the features and hassle-free use but it's still love.

Anyways, I wanted to make sure I took proper care of them. Our old set cost us $500 and lasted us twelve years so I'd like to get at least that long from this costly set. Seemed to me that the best way to do that was to make sure I used it properly and kept up the maintenance. Yes I realize that's common sense but life gets busy. So I put together this little packet that includes.

  • The laminated user sheets from the manufacturer
  • A washing symbol guide (because they're pretty much hieroglyphics)
  • A copy of the setting guide and troubleshooting guide from the manual-one page each
  • A cheat sheet of special washing instructions for those odd items (in case my sweetie does laundry or I'm just forgetful)
  • A reminder to clean the washer with tablets monthly for maintenance

It sounds like a lot but it's really just a few pages in cheap page protectors hung with a leftover key ring. No more trying to remember the little symbols or making tiny clothes on accident. :) Now all these nifty bits of info are tacked neatly by the washer for avoiding trouble and making the most of my lovely machines.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My little girl..

Of my two blanket monsters Rosie is the littlest..she really is so tiny! When we got her she hardly weighed a pound..and now I'm happy to say she's getting a little pudgy. For those of you that haven't met her.. this is the face of trouble! She may look cute but she's the first one to get into everything possible and try to force the world to go her way. "Though she is little, she is fierce!" Shakespeare said it best. If you want to see her battle with the big bad it is Rosie vs Slipper

A hamster on a treadmill

Dear Readers,
I'm so sorry I haven't written anything recently. I have a few projects in the works but between feeling under the weather and needing warmer weather I'm at a stand still. Hence I'm feeling much like a hamster on a treadmill...great goals and motivation but stuck. It should only be a few more days and I should have plenty to blog about. :) In the meantime if you haven't already feel free to look at my other post and comment or ask questions. I'd love to hear from you!


Mrs. CEO