Saturday, October 25, 2014

A little back story

This is the first official post of what I hope to be a series that inspires you. I'm willing to bet you have too much debt, too much stress and possibly too much aren't alone. In fact those things are exactly what this series is about getting rid of well..too much.

 For years I've been saying to my husband "If we don't do something drastic to change our situation, something drastic will happen to us." I hate when I'm right. Sure we planned for the next week, next month..maybe even a few months out if we were lucky but we never really got around to our true goal, less.

Apparently fate decided we needed a wake-up all...sudden unemployment! Crap! Let's just say our savings accounted didn't line up as well as we'd hoped with the job market. Anyways, we're starting to get back on our feet now (finally) and I've decided that this was THE wake-up call. Things will change now! I'll spare you all the yucky details but basically we're downsizing from roughly 1,200 sq feet to 750 with close to zero actual storage. It's a good thing I love to be creative and organize! No seriously, I do! I've also decided this was a great opportunity to refine our finances. Our past plan had some holes that need patching.

So yeah, that's what this series journey into making the most out of a horrible situation, a very tiny space and aiming for debt free.

*Please keep in mind that not all of these lovely ideas a mine, I just use them. I'll happily give credit whenever possible or at least tell you where I found what inspired me.*

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