Saturday, November 23, 2013

My someday plan..

Yep, I'm that person who plans for someday. The easier I can make my life now for the big things down the road, the happier I am. My sweet husband has learned that I have some crazy ways but he's come to expect nothing less and knows that they usually pay off. I love him.

Our biggest future plan is to move. We've been wanting to move for years and although we don't have a true move date..I have faith there will be one! With that in mind I've hunted down the greatest moving kit I've ever seen from I wish I had thought of this years ago. It would have saved me a lot of headache and stress. Anyways, since we aren't moving yet  I'm altering her plan just a little.

I went to the local liquor store and scored a whole truck load of free boxes and then off to gather more supplies. She recommends color coded stickers but I opted for colored duct tape. This way there's no hunting for a sticker on the box, it's taped closed with the color for each room. Written on each box is a number on all four sides. All this goes with a list for each page as to what's in each box. For example:

Box #1 (taped with red duct tape) from the master has sheets. So the box is taped with red with 1's all over it..and on the list it reads that in that box is sheets.

When the movers come all they see are colored and numbered way to know what's in each box (it's not their business). There is a door hanger for the movers to tell them what color box goes in each room.

Since we might still need to get into some of the boxes I've taken to putting a  * next to each box on the list that is labeled and color coded but not taped shut and the glass isn't wrapped (I didn't want to waste packing material). Why pack things I might need later? Well, now I know right where everything is instead of hunting! When we do start moving all I have to do is tape up those boxes,wrap what needs wrapping and we're ready to load! :) Right now I'm packing closets, stuff for storage and some office stuff. That takes care of the bulk of the house and cuts down the list of last minute things to pack dramatically. A plus is that when we show the house strangers only see neatly stacked colored boxes or the boxes are ready to quickly move to storage if needed.  In the meantime all our stuff stays clean, dust free and safe. :)

So what happens if I need something from one of those boxes? Easy! Just look in the moving binder on the list for that room, find the box number that has what you're looking for..and go find that box! When you're done with it, you know right where it goes…literally everything on that list has a home.

While you're at it this is a great time to sort out things to donate and if you're feeling adventurous you can measure big items in your home that you know you're keeping. Make a list of those things in each room and the measurements. This will help when you're looking for a new place to know if your stuff will fit before you struggle to get it in there. For example: On the back of the list for boxes for the master bedroom.

Master bed (queen size): Length, Width, Height-totally assembled and don't forget the headboard height
Dresser: Length, Width, Hight

*Do the same for each room that has furniture on the back of the box list for that room*

Trust me, it seems like extra work verses just throwing everything in semi-labeled boxes,hoping it gets to the new location and that all your stuff fits but it'll be well worth it and make things a million times easier in the long run.

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