Sunday, November 3, 2013

Turns out I'm a CEO!

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to run my own company or at the very least be at the top of a major corporation. It's a like a calling of sorts,I'm just a natural leader. I've held my fair share of jobs were all they want you to to do is follow along blindly. I do my best to follow the rules but I can't help but find the flaws and solutions..the only problem was that I wasn't qualified to voice my opinions. It was time for a change.

 So with my career goals in mind and the backing of my husband I set out to make my dream come true. First came my bachelors degree in business. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment but still didn't give me the standing I needed in the business world. So it made perfect sense to move on to my masters in business management. Now I was going to get somewhere!

There's a catch though, you see between my two degrees came my son. My heart. I would move mountains for him and my husband but there was still a part of me (now fully engulfed in the role of stay-at-home mom, homemaker and semi home schooler) that longed for the business world. After all the paper (soon to be papers) said I was qualified. I started day dreaming about how great it would be to dress in a suit and do great corporate duties…and then something occurred to me. I had my dream already!

I am a CEO of someplace great and home. Yeah I know it sounds silly but hear me out.
I literally am in control of ever aspect of my home (with the help of my husband of course but for the most part he follows my lead since I'm home the most.)

I have the ability as CEO to make my home the greatest and most profitable business we'll ever own. With my skills from my degrees and my natural desire to do what's best for my family I have a great opportunity before me! For once I can have every item in my "business" organized it the best way possible. I can make it as efficient as possible for the best outcome. My "employees" can be taken care of in a way only I can and being CFO of the budget means I can make the most  of "company funds".

I know it seems funny but my home is the best business opportunity I could ask for. It will be and truly is a true testament to my business sense, skills and love for my job as mother and wife.  With the new found revolution I am unstoppable! My business will grow and prosper in ways I can only dream of now..oh and that suit I always wanted to's a beaming smile of pride.  :)

So yeah, a healthy chunk of this blog will be of the business I call home and how I'm making it work. I'm a proud CEO and I want to share my venture.

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