Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One day a year..

I love Thanksgiving. It's such a wonderful break from the daily grind. What I love most about this holiday is the message behind They don't have to be blood, they don't have to be your oldest friends..they just have to be people who mean something to you. On this one day a year you invite them into your home and share a meal and make some memories. This is an amazing gift!

In these times of struggle and heartaches we look to our blessings instead of our troubles and share food. It sounds like such a tiny thing to share a meal but it isn't. Food bridges the gap of language, age, worries and finance. It simply is a gesture that says "This is what I have to feed my family on this day, be it humble or plenty and I would like nothing more than to share it with you. Today, if for no other day after this we will sit as one family, forget our worries, differences and simply enjoy all this day has to offer." What could be more beautiful than that? Even nature celebrates with bright colors of fall and the crisp air reminding you to bundle up.

Some will have a large crowd over, fill the counters and tables with food and drinks aplenty. Others will have a small gathering of people they cherish most, enjoying a modest meal. Some will not be able to take their eyes off that empty seat and their heart will ache with lose as they spend the day with family they love.  Either way it's all about family on many levels...the joy, love and fulfillment they bring to your life.

Christmas is great with all it's festivities and gifts but nothing feels like Thanksgiving does. In its simplicity it says more about the deep love and friendships that fill your life than any gift ever will.
So gather around your table however big or small..drink in the smells of the food before you, let your heart fill with joy, listen to the laugher..take a moment to reflect on every single blessing (it could always be worse) and know that for this one day all is right in your world! Worry later if you must but not on thankful. :)

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